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does this work on the htc vive?

Pressing the install button, it won't install....
Any idea why?

Same issue for me. Trying the direct download link now to see how that works for me.

hello, i was wondering if this was / could be made compatible with oculus quest 2 at all. havent tried any itch vr games yet so i cant tell if it would work or not off the bat.

You can try with Oculus air link, it works fine. 

I really enjoy it. Love to turn my roommate off  by turning my VR environment on to enjoy a book or music. 

Is it possible you release the youtube home buttom beta? Thanks!

WOW, I LOVE this experience! Thank you so much for creating this!


A question: Sometimes you can go through the walls out in the space (for example through the table where the laptops are). Is this supposed to be like that or a bug?

For me, this is quite scary, because I don't like the feeling being in the space without a solid ground beyond me ;)

Do you think you could fix this in the next version?

Also I'd love to see another room in the future (maybe where you can access various parts of the spaceship) :) But the current one is already awesome!

I don't suppose there is any way to make this playable on Windows without VR?  I love the concept and the look but don't have a VR system unfortunately.

Currently it's only for VR, but maybe in the future if I have time enough I will make it available without VR too.

I tried to download the FinalBuild but the download is not working. Am I missing something?
I do have an older version that I downloaded a few months back and that download worked just fine. A response would be appreciated...


I was migrating the files, try again, you should be able to download it.

Let me know if it's working fine now. Thanks!

It worked, thanks a lot! I love this program.

Love what you're doing so far and thank you for all the updates. This really feels like a labor of love. If you have a patreon or a way to throw you a couple of bucks, I'd love to show some support. 

Hey, professorcow! Thanks for your comment and your support! That means a lot :)

Currently I don't have a Patreon, maybe I'll create one when I have a moment to think and figure out what milestones and pledges it would be.

I'll keep you updated!

I was playing tonight the recent update and noticed Saturn was not shown when it was supposed to. I ran through the planets twice and Saturn was not present both times.

Uops! You're right, I'll fix it asap. Thanks for reporting it!

Fixed! You already have the new version available to download. I hope you like it!

This room has really helped with my anxiety.  It's better than my meds! Thank you for that! For a suggestion, maybe a virtual cat that follows you and then chills where ever you're at and the ability to turn the cat feature on and off. A white cat would match well. Also maybe a more neutral color for the hands instead of bright white.

Thanks for your suggestions! About the cat, it's a great idea, but I'm thinking that maybe could be something like a "robo-cat" or "cyber-cat" instead of a "regular cat", because if the movement is not fluid enough or the aspect is not realistic enough could break the immersion.

That makes perfect sense. I agree.

Deleted 269 days ago

Thanks for your suggestion! I'll be releasing a beta with that option to stream any youtube video, but currently I'm having some trouble for signing-in at Youtube.

New version available where you can stream any Youtube video you want.

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Please review the video of my attempt. 
I am running an Oculus Rift S

When I start the game up I am in in hyperspace. 

I go over the to desk with the 2 laptops.
The screen above says time to launch 0:00

The console on the right (ship controls) says return to earth or pause departure. I click 'pause departure' and it just stays highlighted but nothing happens. I click 'Return to Earth and it asks me to confirm or cancel, i try to click confirm and hear a sound but nothing happens, I click cancel and it just goes away but nothing happnes. 

The time to luanch just stays at 0. I go to the console on the left and click next to different systems but nothing happens either. 

Stumped as to how to get out of hypserspace and actually see planets... i hung out in the room for 20 minutes but the timer never changed and i jusr stayed in hyperspace the whole time.

Uhm, that's weird, please, try deleting the file %appdata%\LocalLow\Acerting Art VR\Relaxation Space Room\current.route

and tell me it that fixes the problem.

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I recorded my deleting %appdata%\LocalLow\Acerting Art VR\Relaxation Space Room\current.route and then opening the program again but i still got the same results. I'm still stuck in hyperspace.

Thanks for your feedback, I'll try to test it with someone with a Oculus Rift S and see what happens.

Thanks. If you figure it out, please let me know. I really like this app and I'd love to be able to travel in it. 

bug fixed! :)
You can download the new version, let me know if it's working everything fine.
Here's a post update about what's new:

This is awesome, very well done!

I use this to read a crapton of old comic books i have only in PDF form. Sitting in this luxury-star-trek-like shuttle reading silver age comic books is really an experience that gives me a big grin on my face.

I do have a question regarding the viewscreen/youtube-player though; How do i play anything else than the new-age stuff? :p

The info-text mentions something about a private-mode? I couldn't find anything, and i'd really like to have a working videoplayer (Or atleast a working youtube-plugin) in there.

As a suggestion, what would be even better would be if you could just display your desktop on that screen, like you can do in the "Oculus Home" for example.

Aside from that, this is how i read books now. Which is partly weird, and partly just awesome. :)


Thanks for your comment, and sorry for late reply!

About the youtube player, currently only shows new-age stuff, but it will be a full youtube player without limitations.

You can activate private-mode checking the box that says "Hide mirror to PC" at Settings.

About reading books in VR, one question, where would you like the most to read books? Space room, medieval room at a castle or something else?

And thanks for your suggestions! 

No problemo man, late reply from myself here lol.

Cool that you're improving the YT player. :)

As for the book-reader, this space room is best suited for it, i wouldn't really be interested in a castle or something else, sorry. ^_^

Just one further suggestion, for the PDF reader: Could you tweak it so it can properly read/open sub-folders? I created some sub-folders but unfortunately they're not showing up.

Keep up the great work!

Multiplayer when?

i would love hand tracking for knuckles,bigger ship to explore and a setting to change seating position if these get added i would love to donate a few bucks

thanks for your feedback! interesting suggestions :D

about setting to change seating position, could you explain it? currently you can move around using your controllers.

Hello, how can I get this on my Oculus Quest?

Currently there is no port to Oculus Quest, but you can use it in your Quest with the Oculus Link cable.

Thank you for this fantastic experience! Really helped me relax during this stressful time and it is just such an amazing experience. Thank you again!

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked it :)

i cant download it says google error


Thanks for letting me know! Fixed! :)


Really lovely! Would be nice to have an option to turn off sfx (like hyperdrive and clicking sounds). 
Also I am confused how to go to the deep space systems, or when it will decide to go to them. 
But it was a very pleasant experience, thank you.


hi! I'm glad you like it! and thanks for the suggestions :)

About how to go to the deep space systems, first you have a tour around the Solar System and after that starts traveling to the deep space systems, you only have to wait.

An amazing Game!  I am confused how to go anywhere though because i automatically loaded into some sort of hyperspace with no ability to go the systems i wanted to go to or even have the beginning tour.

that was a bug with some users keeping them stuck in hyperspace, now it has been fixed.
You can download the new version, here's a post with what's new:

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Great work ,great room with plenty of atmosphere. it would be good to be able to view personal youtube playlists and even movie files stored on local drive


Hi! I'm planning to implement some of those things, also, the option to connect to dropbox and google drive and find there files (mp3, ebooks, etc.). Thanks for your comment! :)


Cool stuff, thanks for making this :)

Suggestion: Fewer particles and random stuff when in orbit, or a slider to let us control how much there is. Gets distracting.


Great! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Hey, LordSutter. Saw that you added Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery to your Megadrive Collection. Just wanted to let you know I posted some updates, please check it out and let me know what you think!