A downloadable game for Windows

Sometimes you just want to be alone with yourself.

With this VR app you will explore the universe from the comfort of a relaxing room in a space cruise-ship hotel.

Play relaxation and meditation videos on your own flat screen TV, listen to any song or audio book you'd like, or read your favorite eBook in PDF.

Spend your time staring out the window as you travel first through the solar system and then beyond.


  •  A beautiful high end space hotel room with dimmable lights to make your place comfortable at your preference.
  • A flat screen TV to watch meditation and relaxation videos from Acerting Art.
  • Privacy mode to disable output to your computer so you can read and watch what you want.
  • An audio player to play the songs and audio books of your choosing.
  • A ePub & PDF reader to read books or documents of any kind.
  • A tour of our solar system.
  • Randomized deep space star systems, travel to a new one each day! Featuring gas giants, alien planets, Accretion Discs, Dark Stars, and more!

Includes the complete library of videos from Acerting Art

Coming Soon: Amazon Alexa integration, and other improvements.

Leave us a comment with your suggestions for next updates!!



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i would love hand tracking for knuckles,bigger ship to explore and a setting to change seating position if these get added i would love to donate a few bucks

thanks for your feedback! interesting suggestions :D

about setting to change seating position, could you explain it? currently you can move around using your controllers.

Hello, how can I get this on my Oculus Quest?

Currently there is no port to Oculus Quest, but you can use it in your Quest with the Oculus Link cable.

Thank you for this fantastic experience! Really helped me relax during this stressful time and it is just such an amazing experience. Thank you again!

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked it :)

i cant download it says google error


Thanks for letting me know! Fixed! :)


Really lovely! Would be nice to have an option to turn off sfx (like hyperdrive and clicking sounds). 
Also I am confused how to go to the deep space systems, or when it will decide to go to them. 
But it was a very pleasant experience, thank you.


hi! I'm glad you like it! and thanks for the suggestions :)

About how to go to the deep space systems, first you have a tour around the Solar System and after that starts traveling to the deep space systems, you only have to wait.

An amazing Game!  I am confused how to go anywhere though because i automatically loaded into some sort of hyperspace with no ability to go the systems i wanted to go to or even have the beginning tour.

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Great work ,great room with plenty of atmosphere. it would be good to be able to view personal youtube playlists and even movie files stored on local drive


Hi! I'm planning to implement some of those things, also, the option to connect to dropbox and google drive and find there files (mp3, ebooks, etc.). Thanks for your comment! :)


Cool stuff, thanks for making this :)

Suggestion: Fewer particles and random stuff when in orbit, or a slider to let us control how much there is. Gets distracting.


Great! Thanks for the suggestion! :)